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Designing with Difference (University of Bristol)

What is the ‘Designing with Difference’ unit about?

Innovation and entrepreneurship are ultimately human centred, placing the person at the centre of the process whether that is as an end user, customer or stakeholder, and understanding their perspectives on a particular challenge or problem is key to creating value and successful enterprises. Students will use participatory design and co-­production to build up the understanding of people/customers/stakeholders and where to create value for them. They will also learn to recognise what skills and resources they have themselves and as a team, as well as the effectiveness and impact of applying those skills and resources to an innovation and entrepreneurial opportunity to create value.

What is a ‘Transdisciplinary Project’?

Transdisciplinary collaboration is one in which disciplines come together to enrich their thinking and understanding, exchanging information, altering discipline­specific approaches, sharing resources and integrating the disciplines to achieve a common goal. The students will work in transdisciplinary groups on a series of short innovation and entrepreneurial projects building an understanding as they work iteratively of the active relationships within the team and with the person they are designing for and with. Through a collaborative and participative approach of the different disciplines coming together the students will also build up an acute awareness of the importance of a common language and understand the needs of different disciplines, as well as how being human can affect what makes an efficient and effective team.

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Weekly Sessions

Week 1 – Me, Myself and I (DwD)

Overview In this lecture and workshop we will introduce the unit, consider what students should expect of the teaching staff and conversely what they should expect of us. We will look at what makes up individual and group working practices and discuss what tools, methods and idea we will be using…

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