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Creative Technology Project

The following projects are examples of the Creative Technology Projects I have supervised as Senior lecturer on the Digital Media BSc. The Handbook describes the module as the following:

The Creative Technologies Project is an individual project that enables the student to select and investigate a topic of interest beyond or even outside the normal level of coverage in taught modules. It is intended to be an intellectual, academic and practical exploration of a relevant topic or issue undertaken through selection, analysis and synthesis of the literature and existing professional practice.

Having thoroughly investigated the particular topic, the student is expected to use this newly acquired knowledge to produce a thorough and professional piece of work as a result.

This piece of work will typically be in software form, but may also be hardware based or involve documented design research. A key aim of the project is to provide an opportunity for students to develop their personal research skills, planning and time management, and subject-based specialization. Through this they can then develop appropriate tools, skills and disciplines that are necessary for the successful completion of a large-scale independent project and transition to being an independent learner.

The project is our students practice-led dissertation. The research and development process is student-led which results in a range of interesting subjects, design research methodologies and final prototypes, example of which can be seen below.

Student projects

Creative Writing Tool – Creative technologies project

The aim of my project is to help people develop and manage their creative writing projects. The application will provide tools for people to organise the different elements of their creative writing process such as plot, character and world building, story creation and access to inspirational images and videos. To…

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Hom Vanilla Bakery Website

The aim of the project was to create a bilingual online bakery website that allows users to browse and order products online while encouraging visitors to visit the physical store. The objectives were to create a custom online store that features social network functionality, to give Thai people a way…

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Q: Virtual queues for realworld services

Abstract. My project was designed to investigate the possibilities of introducing IT to alleviate customer waiting times. It considered ways to support businesses and allow customers to browse and join queues nearby. Giving customers the freedom to run errands while they wait and businesses access to hard data about foot…

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The project was to design and build a mobile web application helping friends and family organise car-shared journeys. Supporting the group smart-share rides and have an enjoyable experience. The application will enable the driver to make multiple stops without distractions. The passenger will be able to track the estimated arrival…

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Share your love: A Multi-Screen advertising experience

Abstract. This project is about a Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising campaign for Cornetto that invites students to play an interactive game, where they can use their mobile phones as a controller to play the game on a digital TV screen to win a free Cornetto ice cream, which they can…

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Gym Meet Up – Creative Technology Project

This project was to develop an application that helps people find gym partners. This has been achieved by developing an application that enables people to find and communicate with other gym goers online based on shared exercise interests and goals. Throughout the project I carried out user-centred research to inform…

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This project is about a web application designed to provide map re- sources for players of the video game “Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward”. The project is built using the open source Leaflet JavaScript library and supported by an SQL database which stores the information to be displayed on the maps. I…

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