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My research approach is qualitative, design-led, and participatory. It focuses on how we construct spaces for people to be creative and advocate for matters that affect them. Since the completion of my doctoral thesis, I have developed research projects as a member of the DCRC research group, Pervasive Media Lab. I am now part of the research group at the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, UoB. I have worked as an international research partnership with the HSBC funded ‘Robotics4SEN’ research project at the VTC Hong Kong, as a lead researcher working with former prisoners as part of the EPSRC funded Pheonix Innovation project, a continuing longitudinal action research project between Bristol and the Norwegian Arctic.

Ph.D. Research

My EPRSC funded MSc and Ph.D. research was concerned with the use of participatory design methods for developing creative technologies within a UK Special Educational Needs school. I embedded myself within a Special Educational Needs school in Bath for four years, working as a researcher, teaching assistant, and artist. During my Ph.D., I also worked on a joint research project at a special educational needs school in Newcastle with Culture Lab’s (Newcastle University) SIDE project (Social Inclusion through Digital Economy’s). During my research, I used a variety of qualitative and quantitative methods and methodologies, giving me a firm grounding in the conceptual and practical applications of research methodologies within interaction design as well as the actual programming and engineering skills required for designing in these challenging environments.

During my Ph.D., I have co-published and presented papers for international conferences and journals, including the Interaction Design and Children Conference (IDC) and Digital Interactive Systems (DIS). I have also had a paper accepted in both performance studies and music technology research conferences. I believe that writing, no matter what the audience should be clear and concise and accessible to a wide range of readers.

Research Assistant Positions

I have worked as a research assistant in various academic contexts, including at the Visualisation Research Unit (VRU), BIAD, Birmingham, the Fine Art Digital Environment (FADE) research group at Chelsea College of Arts and for DR Cath Lambert at the Sociology department at Warwick University. I had multiple roles in these positions, including supporting researchers in collecting, analyzing and disseminating data, managing resources, and liaising with other institutions and commercial partners as well as programming and building prototype systems for researchers. As an RA, I have given opportunities to pursue and publish my research, including; “Digital Noise,” a symposium and exhibition I co-organized at the Stephen Lawrence Gallery, Greenwich, which was funded through a successful research grant bid from both UAL and Greenwich University.

Fine Art Digital Enviroments

Fine Art Digital Enviroments (FADE) @ Chelsea Colleage of Arts, UAL During my time at FADE, I worked closely with the Principle Investigator, Prof Paul Coldwell, on a three-year AHRC…

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Fun With Cancer Patients

FUN WITH CANCER PATIENTS I worked as a research assistant with the Fun with Cancer Patinets Research Hub during the FIERCE live art festival in Birmingham, UK. The Research Hub…

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Ph.D. Digital Media in a SEN Classroom: A Study

Ph.D. Digital Media in a SEN Classroom: A Study This thesis presents a series of design-led case studies concerned with the use of digital technology and the practice of interaction…

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