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chris+keir (Christopher Poolman and Keir Williams) are a performance-orientated duo interested in the valorisation and affirmation of pejorative sensibilities (silliness or stupidity for example). For a long time, we had an unhealthy infatuation with ‘Canada’s Greatest Video Artist’ Rob Ring; this obsession was consummated in The Rob Ring Foundation – a solo show at The Stephen Lawrence Gallery, London in 2009.

Work includes a conference paper on Tourette’s and a performance night where we will be attempting to find a punchline to the following joke: What is the difference between Bruce Nauman’s Walking in an Exaggerated Manner Around the Perimeter of a Square and Monty Python’s The Ministry of Silly Walks? chris+keir have also run monthly family workshops at the ICA; and a performance work with young people at the Tate Britain in association with touretteshero.


Robert Ringford

chris+keir received a bursary from Longhouse to undertake research into the 'bread and butter riots' that occurred in the Black Country during the 18th century. As the project progressed through a number of unsatisfactory permutations, it took an unexpected twist when we realised the wonderful possibilities it offered for The…

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Protect Our Pubs

Protect Our Pubs Pub Nationalisation Project During 2007, The Hare & Hounds, Kings Heath became the HQ for the Protect our Pubs campaign. This was premised on a single fictional conceit: that all English pubs were to be nationalised by 2010. POP temporarily converted The Hare and Hounds to show what a…

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The Rob Ring Foundation

Unlikely ‘collaborative’ project involving re-makes of Canadian artist Rob Ring’s video work via re-enactments of fictional historical events from 19th century early cinema and the 18th century Black country mining community. 2009 Stephen Lawrence Gallery Show / 2009 Longhouse Commission / 2009 Flatpack Film Festival Project Narrative: One day Chris…

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ICA – Performance Art Workshops

Keir Williams and artist Chris Poolman developed a series of workshops devised in response to the ICA’s main gallery programme. For the Super Perruque workshop we asked young people to pretend to be ICA cleaners as a means to slowly create our own independent state within the ICA gallery. This piece was based…

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This Fish Is Reversing

This Fish is Reversing 2010 Video & conference paper at Gobsmacked: Getting Speechless In Performance, Queen Mary’s University Re-enactments of a number of Tourettes Hero’s tic’s as performances. Extract from Sounds and (Non)sense / Contemporary Theatre Review / Volume 22, Issue 1, 2012 (Helena Walsh & Johanna Linsley) Does speech have to make sense? In addressing the…

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A Tribute to the Great Rob Ring

The Great Rob Ring During the 1890's Rob Ring was widely recognised as Canada's premier Vaudeville star. Renowned for his dangerous and physical slapstick stage act, Rob Ring was the Vaudeville superstar par excellence. Unfortunately, 'The Great Rob Ring' failed to make the transition from Vaudeville to early motion pictures.…

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The Gallery Life Project (We Forgot the Lot @ Tate Britain)

Artist Chris Poolman and myself playfully reworked William H. Whyte’s seminal urban studies text The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces, for children with Tourette’s Syndrome and associated conditions as part of Touretteshero & Tate Britain’s event We Forgot The Lot! For the Gallery Life Project we adapted aspects of Whyte’s explorations into what…

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