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Project Summary

Our proposed project is to design an interactive personalised tour of M-Shed. After much research, analysis and prototyping we finally came up with a tour using a web-app which worked in conjunction with a QR code on a wrist band.

This tour involves using a QR wrist band that gives people a personalised experience of the Mshed. When you enter the M-Shed you will be greeted with a display with a box containing wrist bands with QR codes on. In the packet containing the wrist band will be instructions. They will need to use their phone but if they do not have a phone they can collect one from the reception. On the web app, they are given options. They can click on a pre-made tour, that they like, or choose a custom tour where they can choose the exhibits they like. This will then suggest on screen the best route between all exhibits relevant to their selected choices. In addition to this there will be QR codes on every exhibit where they can scan the code bringing up all the information that the museum has on that particular exhibit.

After leaving the museum they will be able to access the site from anywhere from their device, at any time and will be able to access the information on the exhibits they visited.

The app will also have games, puzzles relating to each exhibit that is scanned.