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INOV2001: Past, Present and Futures | 10 Credits, 12 weeks.
I developed this unit with my colleague Malé Luhan Escalante for the second year of our four year Innovation degree progamme at the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, (UoB). The unit is run over one semester with students working in interdiciplinary group made up from thirteen different degree diciplines at the university.

“In this unit we consider the social and cultural and historical structures that technologies inhabit. We will consider key moments and texts in the history of technologies and associated media networks. Specifically, the unit will explore historical transformations of technologies as they pertain to the intersections of art and science. We focus on the past, present and future of technologies; on what has failed as well as succeeded; and the role of uncertainty in innovation.

Each week your teaching staff and guest lecturers will introduce a theoretical lens to frame that weeks case study of an object, technology or wider techno-social system. We will consider at least one case study per week and introduce methods for research that we will use in class to help you to critically consider it. At the end of each session you will be given time to reflect on these three elements and their relevance to your own work. These notes will inform your individual reflection and the research approach taken by your group.” – Past, Present and Futures, Unit Guide