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INOV1002: Being Human | 20 Credits, 24 weeks.
I developed this unit for the four year Innovation degree progamme at the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, (UoB). The unit is run over two semesters with students working in interdiciplinary groups made up from thirteen different degree diciplines at the university.

“If successful innovation and entrepreneurship is founded on a human-centered approach then what does it mean to be human? In this unit we will critically consider aspects of the human experience. Across two semesters we will look at ways to model human behavior, communicate and collaborate across disciplines, and explore research methodologies that enable us to develop ‘rich descriptions’ of the people we are designing for. In this unit we will not only consider theory but apply theory in practice inside and outside of the classroom.

In the first teaching block, we will introduce key theories, methodologies and methods relating to exploring people’s social actions, values and the social structures they inhabit. In the second teaching block we will continue to explore new models we can use to understand and work with groups of people. We will then apply these methodologies and methods in a Citizen Science focused assignment. This approach is designed for you to develop personal and group working practices and build participatory relations with people you are designing with and for. ” – Being Human, Unit Guide