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Project Summary

Project Timelight is an innovating new interactive experience situated in a new exciting environment. Assisted by our interactive app to provide yourself with a personalised tour, you will be amazed at what you can discover.

After visits to the M-Shed to see how inaccessible the archive is and the restrictions that apply to it, Project Timelight have stepped in. Project Timelight is used in the warehouse of the M-Shed (also known as L-Shed). It allows the space to be accessible to the public viewing of up to 7000 more artefacts in a safe manner. Visitors will be given a protected iPad running our M-Shed Information Guide. They can mark artefacts of interest to email to themselves for review at a later date for the ultimate personalised tour.

The lowly-lit environment leads the way to visitors via LED lit pathways. As users explore the vast space, they will be able to interact with a series of buttons that light up artefacts behind acrylic safety sheeting. Our application then uses a QR scanner to read a barcode unique to each artefact where users can then see more information, images and videos of the item being used in its prime era.

Many of these hidden treasures hold rich history and culture that has influenced the community of Bristol. Many of the artefacts housed in the L-Shed encompasses stories of trade and business that has put Bristol on the map during the highly significant era of the industrial revolution; including the trade of tobacco, slavery, alcohol and sugar situated here on the docks of the river Avon.

With the museums growth standing at 3400% in 30 years, immerse yourself in Bristolian history of a vast timescale, and find how you fit into the importance of the continuing story…