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The Gallery Life Project (chris+keir)

Artist Chris Poolman and myself playfully reworked William H. Whyte’s seminal urban studies text The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces, for children with Tourette’s Syndrome and associated conditions as part of Touretteshero & Tate Britain’s event We Forgot The Lot! For the Gallery Life Project we adapted aspects of Whyte’s explorations into what makes successful urban public space by forming a revolutionary team of young researchers who investigated the public spaces of Tate Britain from a number of unusual, humorous and mischievous angles. Combining Whyte’s methodologies with a series of creative methods of our own, we and our team of researchers investigated how young-people negotiate gallery space and how the space itself effects the ways they sit, talk, play, find quiet areas, gather, laugh, look at and join in with the art and each other. We asked our researchers to investigate the following three questions: What makes a successful gallery space for sleeping? How many people can you fit in a gallery doorway? How, where and what can you stare at in a gallery? We sent out our uniformed researchers into the galleries of TATE Britain armed with cameras and a burning sense of fun, mischief and research fervour. Throughout the day we added images and tweets to a custom-built motion graphic display allowing us to iteratively show the 500+ images that the young people took through out the day. The first video above is a screen grab of the motion graphic display the second is documentation of the wider event at the TATE.