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The following was submitted for my ‘Interaction Design’ unit for the Digital Media BSc at the University of the West of England (UWE).

Mission Statements: Inspire members of the public to join the Amnesty people power movement. Educate the public on Amnesty’s achievements, in order to gain awareness and support. Demonstrate Amnesty’s ethos is a part of all of our lives and we are all collectively responsible in the fight for our human rights, which is why we are utilising public space to bring people together harmoniously.

Design Solution: The Faces of Amnesty (TFOA) is an interactive street projection designed to educate the people of Bristol and raise awareness of Amnesty’s achievements, responding to the insights creatively.

TFOA projection consists of four cubes displaying:

  1. “Amnesty International” – Affiliation..
  2. Positive statements – eg. “55,000 prisoners of conscience freed since 1961.”
  3. Selfies taken by members of the public, translated into a face mosaic made up of the 55,000.
  4. “#FacesOfAmnesty” – Create media attention, raise awareness, educate and reach as many people as possible.

Space: The Bearpit is a thriving public space that inspires significant change, innovation and social engagement shared within the community (The Bearpit Improvement Group).