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Smart Booth is anonymous accessible support and guidance for the LGBT homeless youth. When someone is forced to leave home for being gay they can come to the Albert Kennedy Trust (AKT) for support and guidance. When they register with AKT they can be provided with an RFID chip wristband, theses are cheap, secure. As privacy is important no personal information will not be stored on these bands.

●  Nearby hostel vacancies
●  Nearby food available
●  Phone charging services
●  Safe Check-in – Send a message to a registered contact on your behalf
●  Contact emergency services
A user will be able to access support at any time, if they leave the hostel for a day, or are required to vacate their AKT hostel room. When using the Smart Booth with an RFID wristband, you can access information about:

Smart Booths will be built on the telephone box infrastructure, with a large touchscreen and secure charging boxes installed. The booth will be furnished with durable material, with interchangeable screen covers to prevent vandalism and use a water tight design allowing for easy cleaning. It will be wide enough for 2 people and will not use a door to provide wheelchair access.

The booths will be located across the city, they will be strategically placed in accessible locations that homeless people frequent according to our research such as Libraries and Leisure Centers. These locations will also ensure they will be maintained and that they are secure.

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