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Abstract. This project is about a Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising campaign for Cornetto that invites students to play an interactive game, where they can use their mobile phones as a controller to play the game on a digital TV screen to win a free Cornetto ice cream, which they can share it to their friends as part of the brand’s love theme. This campaign “Share Your Love” is aimed to increase brand awareness for Cornetto ice cream among students at the University of the West of England. The campaign is held within the University, where it will run in the large digital TV screens around the campus. The interactive system that supports the engagement between the user’s phone and the digital TV screen is known as a “Multi-screen” system.

The multi-screen system provides an approach for synchronizing two different web browsers together; namely a mobile browser and a desktop browser. The use of Node JS, Socket IO, Express JS, and Jade are the primary technologies to build the system for the multi-screen experience, creating a constant two-way conversation system on a real-time basis enabling data requests to be carried out in both browsers. The campaign idea and game elements created was based on the brand’s identity and slogan to provide a sense of consistency, valuable and relevant contents to attract the target audience’s’ interest.