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Within this project we have been working and collaborating with a local charity/ organisation called Remap. Remap develop and produce custom made equipment to help disabled people live more independent lives. Remap is in need of an application to allow younger generations to get involved with helping and developing alongside expanding their volunteer base.

For this project we have developed an open source online platform that allows individuals of all ages and skill sets to contribute and collaborate towards designing and developing a piece of equipment for a disabled user in need of help. With our influences coming from dating site formats of matching users, our website will essentially have the same process. Initially, users will be confronted with a simple form stating whether they are in need of help or wanting to help, they will then be taken through a step by step process to answering some brief questions and selecting options that apply to them.

If they are the user who is in need of help, the data from the form will be put into a profile, if they are the person in want of helping; such as an engineer, once their form is complete our website will find a match regarding their answers and display them with a profile of a disabled user in need of help. Multiple users can be matched with the same profile, this will be displayed so that users can create a flow of communication through a chat feature or through email.

This project aims to fulfill Remaps wants and needs of getting younger and more youthful mind sets involved due to it been on an online and open source, this ideally will also broaden Remaps volunteer base because it allows anyone to get involved.