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Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the UK and when found in early stages often have more treatment options available. However, studies have shown that women who are unaware of the signs and symptoms may delay treatment and subsequently diagnosed at later stages. A study was first conducted to discover the possibilities in creating an educational intervention for students to be aware of abnormalities in their breasts. Interactive installations were then designed to be displayed on university campus, informing the importance of self-examination.

Our primary target audience are university students of all ages and university staffs as our secondary target audience. Each installation will feature a breast with a symptom and audio streams to guide through the examining process. The breast installation requires the student to touch and feel the abnormality. Once the abnormality has been felt, an audio stream will be triggered to congratulate on the finding, and a card will be dropped by the installation providing a link to the microsite containing more information about self-examination and Bristol Pink Week events. Gamification strategies like a treasure hunt with an award can encourage and engage more students to collect the cards from different installations around the campus.

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