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Our aim was simple, to combine the exponential growth of videos, pictures and message shared online with something physical and personal to offer to people who have lost loved ones through terminal illnesses.
So why did we make this?
Through thorough research of many charities across Bristol, it was mutually agreed to work in conjunction and partnership with St. Peter’s Hospice, who offer amazing facilities, levels of communication and end of life support for people suffering terminal illnesses and after-life care for the bereaved family and friends. We found this charity very gratifying and decided that it was perfect. With help and advice from St. Peter’s Hospice’s marketing team, the idea of Lifetime was initiated.

Introducing Lifetime, the memory box that visualizes the life of ones lost and cherished.

The product we offer is a box that can store items of memorable significance and sentimental value. The box’s exterior and inner lid can be personalized to be both exclusive and respectful to the person who has passed.
You can store a number of items inside the box and choose a size to fit those items. Take one of the items out and place it on the RFID scanner surface in the left of the box. Using radio frequencies, the box will read a tag implemented in or on the item and when plugged into a television through USB or HDMI ports, it will display personal videos, photos, letters and video messages relevant to the item used.

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