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KIN: A brand new event from the makers of Shambala Festival.

While nations flounder, the media gets weirder and big business gets bigger, KIN is a gathering for those yearning for a kinder world.

Taking place at Bristol’s Arnolfini, from November 8 – 11. KIN’s content – vast, varied and eclectic by design – is split into individual days and nights. Tickets are available for an individual day or night, a day and night combined, the whole weekend, or a ‘day pass’, that gets you access to Friday, Saturday and Sunday’s day sessions combined.

In 2018 I was asked to join Kambe events new venture, KIN as a creative producer. The event was designed to make the change in the world that we wanted to see. After a year of development, and engaged student project, and a lot of design and admin we organized a four-day event at the Arnolfini – Bristol’s International Centre for Contemporary Arts. With a few days to go, we had only sold half of the intended tickets and had to make the very difficult decision to cancel the event.

Here I detail the work we did and prepared for the KIN event. As a creative producer I developed a marketing strategy (see the billboards and posters) and organized the residency of internationally recognized artists and campaigners as the ‘Brain’ residency. Whilst the event didn’t happen the networks and ideas we developed have formed the basis for projects we are exploring in 2020 and 2021.

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