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Hom Vanilla Bakery Website

The aim of the project was to create a bilingual online bakery website that allows users to browse and order products online while encouraging visitors to visit the physical store. The objectives were to create a custom online store that features social network functionality, to give Thai people a way to know if the seller is trustworthy, to provide an alternative payment method that is more secure than wire-transfer and to create an easy- to-use admin panel that allows admins to add content in both English and Thai.

The design stage was carried out using Jesse James Garrett’s “Elements of User Experience” as a guide to create a user-centred design, as well as the Gestalt principles for user interface design. Lo-fidelity wireframes were created to communicate the details to the client such as the structure, content and functionality. They then became the skeleton upon which the project would be constructed. To develop a website that featuring a secure payment gateway, PayPal sandbox was used in the development phase. The sandbox mocks a transaction when a purchase is performed on the

website for testing purposes. From this function, the admin can view all transactions and orders that are generated by customers in the admin panel. In the purchasing stage, customers are able to collect ‘discount points’ according to how much they spend on each visit to the site. The points can then be used as a discount for future purchases. Along with being able to check all transactions and orders, the admin is also able to use the admin panel to easily manage the content, such as adding new products or updating the homepage.

The project became more technically focused as it progressed. It heavily involves PHP and SQL, with some JavaScript for interactive environment. It has definitely led to a deeper understanding of programming languages, which allows me to fulfill most of the website requirements.

This report covers in detail the processes, design and implementation involved throughout the project of creating an online bakery store for a Thailand-based client. It also shows how the website was and can be improved to provide users with the best possible experience, based on feedback gathered from the user-testing stage.

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