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H.P.A.Q presents 3D visualizations of the air quality and housing prices in Bristol divided by constituencies. These visualizations provide people with easy to understand comparisons of air quality data recorded and published by the Bristol city council with average housing prices in the same areas from the Zoopla API.

By comparing these sets of data, people can observe how the two may be connected and if any patterns emerge between them. Furthermore, H.P.A.Q will highlight which areas the council chooses to measure pollution levels in. People living in Bristol may see that their area or constituency is not recorded year round, if at all. This could inspire them to engage and participate more with local issues and their MP’s as air pollution is a very important issue that many people around the country care about.

People can access the web application through the browser and interact with a 3D map of Bristol. The map is divided into constituencies and air pollution is displayed with transparent bars of different colors.

A sidebar provides color keys to help users differentiate between each location. 3D models of houses are placed in each location to display the housing price. Larger houses represent higher prices, which is also communicated through the sidebar. People using the application can select which month over 2016 they would like to see comparisons for, and can toggle which pollutant to display (no, no2 and nox).

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