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This project was to develop an application that helps people find gym partners. This has been achieved by developing an application that enables people to find and communicate with other gym goers online based on shared exercise interests and goals.

Throughout the project I carried out user-centred research to inform the direction and development of the application and to provide a seamless User Experience (UX). Originally the idea was to provide a service enabling people to coach one-another online, but after thorough research and analysis I gained insights into the importance of the physical social dynamic between people at the gym. Building upon these insights and carrying out further design-led research and testing, my idea evolved into what it is now.

Gym Meetup has been built with the modern full-stack web framework Ruby on Rails (2017). Ruby on Rails follows the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern in accordance with modern web standards and is built upon Ruby as the server side programming language. PostgreSQL was chosen as a robust SQL database providing features that were utilised by my application such as full text search (PostgreSQL, 2017). Bootstrap 3 (2016) was used as the front-end framework with HTML5 and CSS3 for a responsive grid and aid in page structure. Javascript powered by the library jQuery provides a rich set of interactive features to aid with a fluid UX. Heroku (2017) was chosen as a cloud application platform for deployment to access the project.