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I worked as a research assistant with the Fun with Cancer Patinets Research Hub during the FIERCE live art festival in Birmingham, UK. The Research Hub formed part of a wider project on researching live art led by Dr Cath Lambert from the University of Warwick. It was funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC). The research explores the social, cultural, political, and emotional value of art to individuals and communities, using a variety of methods and approaches. The research adheres to strict ethical guidelines and all contributions to the project will be anonymised and the privacy and opinions of individuals respected. The following is the introduction to the project:

Fun with Cancer Patients Research Hub: A space for the sharing and exchange of thoughts, ideas, reactions, questions, feelings and observations in response to the Fun With Cancer Patients exhibition in mac birmingham’s Arena Gallery 7 September – 6 October 2013. Artist Brian Lobel’s Fun With Cancer Patients uses art to challenge some of the taboos around cancer. Working with local teenagers who are experiencing, or have experienced, cancer, Brian Lobel has generated a number of ‘creative happenings’. The exhibition documents these happenings and the fun that was had in the process. In the Research Hub visitors to the exhibition can say, write, draw or express in any other way they wish, their responses to Fun With Cancer Patients. Comments can made privately or publicly and all will be anonymised.