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Fine Art Digital Environment (FADE) - Chelsea College of Art

I worked as a research assistant for Prof Paul Coldwell from Chelsea College of Arts, University of the Arts, London as part of the Fine Art Digital Environments research group. I worked on several project including Prof Paul Coldwells large (£250,000) AHRC funded project:

The Personalised Surface within Fine Art Digital Printmaking

This two year project led by Paul Coldwell & Barbara Rauch was supported by a grant from the Arts & Humanities Research Council (AHRC) and conducted through the FADE research project, Chelsea college of Art & Design, the University of the Arts London.

The project ran from 2007-09 and considered the role of the surface of the print and how when working digitally the relationship to that surface can change. The project used case studies as an aspect of methodology, documenting new work by Paul Coldwell ,Bruce Gernand, Dan Hays, Tim Head, Christian Nold, Kathy Prendergast, Barbara Rauch and Sissu Tarka. The project culminated in a symposium at the V&A 3rd April 2009 with speakers Coldwell, Marilyn Kushner, Dan Hays, Gill Sauders, Barabra Rauch, Ruth Pelzer Montada, Catherine Mason Bruce Gernand and a conversation between Coldwell and Michael Craig-Martin.