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Digital Processes

In the course of my MA research I discovered that while new technologies can facilitate new approaches to collaboration and performance their seemingly endless applications means that the creative process itself is in danger of becoming secondary. The promise of the removal of all restraint, of limitations for the artists creative energy, in turn renders that energy diffuse, directionless. We are in danger of calculating a formula where art plus computer becomes ‘super-art’, whereas all you can ever make is art.

In these experimental performance pieces I have remained focused on the question of how a performers body can be translated into and in turn transformed by, visual and audio output within a network.


Video: Installation walk-through and video detail | Please note the original piece was played through a 10kw sound system with speakers built into the wall and floors using inducers. The installation is designed to have the bass at a physically intimidating level.

This work developed for my Fine Art MA final show considers the role of the  body within digital media processes and uses the sculptural qualities of reggae soundsystems in terms of sound and form. As you approach the screen at the centre of the installation the subwoofers and wall and floor inducers increase in volume the closer you are.

Word, Sound and Power

Video: Installation Detail | Please note the original piece was played through a 30kw sound system and has very low infra bass frequency’s with no treble. I have added a small amount of treble for this web version.

This work was commissioned for the New Generation Arts Festival in Birmingham, UK. The show was in what was once the Central Methodist Mission and is now a 5000 capacity dance music venue called the Q-club. The work considers the space (the old chapel) and the connection between the street corner preachers in methodism and the notion of “Word, Sound Power” for street corner ‘toasters’ in Reggae culture.


The work that I present here explores possibilities of interaction between sound, image and the human body. These pieces are deliberately open ended, intended to prompt further thinking and experimentation. There is a deliberate combination of a low-tech, stripped down aesthetic and high-definition production.

Brain Dub

This installation “Brian Dub”used multi-channel audio and multi-screen audio reactive content based on an MRI scan of the artists Brain. Multi-channel Dub by Robin Giorno.