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chris+keir (Christopher Poolman and Keir Williams) are a performance-orientated duo interested in the valorisation and affirmation of pejorative sensibilities (silliness or stupidity for example). For a long time, we had an unhealthy infatuation with ‘Canada’s Greatest Video Artist’ Rob Ring; this obsession was consummated in The Rob Ring Foundation – a solo show at The Stephen Lawrence Gallery, London in 2009.

Work includes a conference paper on Tourette’s and a performance night where we will be attempting to find a punchline to the following joke: What is the difference between Bruce Nauman’s Walking in an Exaggerated Manner Around the Perimeter of a Square and Monty Python’s The Ministry of Silly Walks? chris+keir have also run monthly family workshops at the ICA; a performance work with young people at the Tate Britain in association with touretteshero: lived in a big brother style house broadcast live in central Birmingham and been mistaken for an Art power couple at various international arts festivals.

Solo Shows:
The Rob Ring FoundationThe Stephen Lawrence Gallery, London 2009

Group Shows:
Video Progetto, 26cc Rome / Grand Union Birmingham, May 2010

I Heart Video Art, CAFKA, Kitchener Canada, February 2010

Other Projects, Grants etc:
This Fish is Reversing, Conference paper (& video), Gobsmacked: Getting Speechless In Performance, Queen Mary’s University, 2010 (see Sounds and (Non)sense, Contemporary Theatre Review, Volume 22, Issue 1, 2012

Perform Or Else (chris+keir V Melville Mitchell), Grand Union, February 2011

The Rob Ring Foundation (collaborative project with Canadian artist Rob Ring):

Action Research Bursary, Longhouse / Multistory, June 2008

FADE Research Grant, Sept 2008

R & D Grant, Arts Council England, Aug 2008 Flatpack Film Festival, March 2009

Unity Panda, Coventry Art Space Bursary, August 2009 (with Jonnet Middleton)

Project Our Pubs (pub nationalisation project at The Hare & Hounds, Kings Heath) and Digital is Dangerous (residency at Jibbering Records, Birmingham) 2008. Supported by Arts Council England

Flat / Screen, New Generation Arts, (residency in a city centre flat), 2006. Supported by NGA & BBC

Roland magazine 7 features as interview with chris+keir and Louis Moreno from Urban Laboratory exploring workshops they devised in response to the ICA’s main programme during 2012/13. chris+keir have also run workshops at UAL (Camberwell & Wimbledon), Greenwich University & Tate Britain.

Unity Panda

Working with artist Jonent Middleton chris+keir became offical mascots of the project and documented the…

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The Rob Ring Foundation

The Rob Ring Foundation One day in 2010 Chris was trying to work out how…

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This Fish is Reversing

This Fish is Reversing | 2010 Re-enactments of a number of Tourettes Hero’s tic’s as performances. Williams,…

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Protect Our Pubs

Protect Our Pubs | 2009 Pub Nationalisation Project During 2007, The Hare & Hounds, Kings Heath became…

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ICA – Performance Art Workshops

Super Perruque Keir Williams and artist Chris Poolman developed a series of workshops devised in response to the ICA’s…

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Gallery Life Project @ TATE Britain

GALLERY LIFE PROJECT | TATE BRITAIN 2014 chris+keir were commissioned by TATE Britain and touretteshero…

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