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The project was to design and build a mobile web application helping friends and family organise car-shared journeys. Supporting the group smart-share rides and have an enjoyable experience. The application will enable the driver to make multiple stops without distractions. The passenger will be able to track the estimated arrival time of the driver.

A human-centred design process is followed to allow an iterative process of creation of the application. Involving the end users ensured the final product will confirm the user’s expectations and that they do not encounter significant usability issues.

Three important features of the application are search place autocomplete, real-time geolocation tracking and distance calculation. The application has been built by using Google Maps APIs in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and Node JS. Firebase is used as a platform service to build, run, and operate applications in the cloud.

Several ideas for future development are suggested, including dynamic push notifications, app invites, real-time parking spots, fuel calculation and payment service. Strong project planning and time management combined with following a requirements specification to avoid scope creep allowed the mobile web application to be created to a suitable standard.