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Project Summary

For our project we have developed an audio story map, where users can share personal experiences and memories revolving around a meaningful location on the map. Our map is purely focused on Bristol because we are aspiring to have it displayed in the Bristol M-Shed museum, which is a museum with exhibits based entirely around Bristol and its history. We also discovered, the M-shed has a current exhibit with a large floor map of Bristol, therefore we are expanding and improving an existing exhibit to gain great user engagement and longer user interaction.

Our story map allows visitors/ users to interact with our project in a more personal level by sharing memories. They will do this by using one of our audio markers. From this they are able to record a 30 second voice clip of their memory and place the marker onto the map where this memory took place. Users also have the option to hand write a memory and place it onto the map, this way we covered some of our constraints, which involved disability/usability.

From our research processes we discovered that exhibits with more personal elements, allows users to engage better because it allows the exhibit to relate to users individually, making it more meaningful. This is why we have added this personal feature because we feel it will be allow users to engage more. We also identified that visitors were interacting most with the physical exhibits like the green bus because it allowed a sense of exploration and physical interactivity. One of our aims is to increase users interactivity, therefore, our marker feature allows users to physically get involved with the exhibit, which will therefore increase their activity.