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This report addresses the topic of self promotion, the provision of self help tools and further professional help to a wide audience of customers in need, whilst constrained to the resources of a very small branch of a larger business.

The findings of this report indicate that with enough searching through data sources, combined with the right technologies; powerful digital tools can be built. With these tools even small groups with limited resources and reach can have their capabilities greatly extended with the addition of automation.

We started our project with the intention of working with the charity Mungos. This charity spans across the country and have the resources of a national organisation to work with, so we were excited to work with them, however due to unreliable, sporadic communication on their part we decided it would be better to move onto another organisation.

Acorn was immediately a delight to work with, as we were lucky with our main point of contact, Nick. Nick already had a good idea of the product he wanted, an application that would provide his customers with information on their rights as a tenant in a rented house, which they would need when confronting their problematic landlords.