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Super Perruque

Keir Williams and artist Chris Poolman developed a series of workshops devised in response to the ICA’s main gallery programme. For the Super Perruque workshop we asked young people to pretend to be ICA cleaners as a means to slowly create our own independent state within the ICA gallery. This piece was based on Michael de Certeau’s notion of ‘la perruque’ and our favourite Ealing comedy, Passport to Pimlico. The ICA Roland magazine interview with myself, Chris Poolman and Louis Moreno from Urban Laboratory can be read here.

Ou…….r£$__} hous£

Children’s performance Art workshop and resulting work based on Nathaniel Mellar’s solo show at the ICA: Ourhouse. We asked parents and children to develop a family story where their mode of communication gradually broke down. Literally.

The Increadible Small People Sound System

In response to the Rhythm Section exhibition at the ICA, myself and artist Chris Poolman worked with a group of children to create the world’s first small people soundsystem clash. Based on the soundclashes of reggae and dancehall culture, the workshop resulted in some of the tuffist tiny dubplates and cardboard stacks ever seen in the UK.

Already Done It