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The aim of my project is to help people develop and manage their creative writing projects. The application will provide tools for people to organise the different elements of their creative writing process such as plot, character and world building, story creation and access to inspirational images and videos. To develop my application I am using HTML5 and CSS3 to create the page structure, C# as my server side scripting language to send and pull data to and from the database, and JavaScript to dynamically update page content.

As it is important for the project to integrate seamlessly into a writer’s creative process I have used a number of user centred research methodologies. These have helped me to discover insights into the key features and inform the design.

The methods that I used were proto-personas and scenarios, ethnographic case studies into my own writing process, design probes to gain a clearer understanding of how other writers work, interviews, and online research.

Following my research process I analysed my findings by picking out key insights to create a design brief. Using this list of requirements I was able to create wireframes for a lo-fi prototype of the applications main features. I then conducted user testing scenarios to gather feedback on any accessibility issues before developing my final prototype.