The Leviathan Project (w. Joe Fairweather-Hole)

Leviathan's Electro-Larynx

A whale’s voice box; activated when gently touched by the viewer creating a unique whale song. Leviathan’s Electrolarynx is an interactive multimedia sculptural installation. Sound resonates through the physical elements of the installation, making the space itself a speaker or the inside of a whale.

Leviathan’s Electrolarynx is created in collaboration with Charlie Henry, Kumpa Clodahus and Kalle Jokinen.

Live Digital Design is an ongoing collaborative relationship between predominantly two artists, Keir Williams and Joseph Fairweather Hole.

Commissioned by OCM for audiograft 2015.

Leviathan’s Eye – Large scale projection and soundscape. 03:46

Leviathan's Eye, Arctic Circle

In the next stage of the Leviathan Project Keir Williams and Joe Fairweather-Hole considered the hidden depths and vast scale of nature in the Arctic Circle. The work was projected on the ceiling of the Royal Neptune Concert Hall a giant fish oil tank in the Neptune processing plant as part of a wider residency with Nordland Akademi. The video was developed using Dada and Art Nouveau motifs taken from the architecture of the local towns. The soundscape was mixed live across a multi-channel soundsystem. The soundscape was written recorded and performed by Charlie Henry.